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  1. The thing is you don't get to play as the new country you replace the last one with, if you were playing as it, of course.
  2. I mean, the way they are talking about it is not possible. You see, the only way for it to work is that another country (preferably one related to it) with the leader you want to elect has to just annex the original country having the election. The problem is it makes the supposed country SO MUCH WEAKER and not only that unless you are deciding the election for another country entirely you won't have to ability to do anything. It is something that would require someone to go into the games code, and add an outcome where the leader of a country changes. And that is a election system at it's sim
  3. Or you could give them the provinces you already own to them easily by making a one sided deal where you give them provinces.
  4. Don't you think it would be a bit awkward for only European Countries to have trees? I mean, if your still going to be using the world map then that means if you play any other country you don't get a tree. I don't know I just would find it weird.
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