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  1. Don_Colasanti

    Lukasz: The editor is so simple! There's no way to F**k this up!

    sì! piacere di conoscerti Amici!
  2. Don_Colasanti

    a few unfortunacies

    Hello, I am making a new map, I have noticed a few things that seem wrong. The custom map cannot be played (attempting only takes the player out to the previous menu instead of crashing though, so that's nice). Province 1 always looks like northern Spain, I'm 99% sure that's because of something in the scale folders but... well the scale folders cannot be edited under any circumstances before a crash. also some provinces seem a little wonky, at first I thought it was the map, but if you look, you can see that chiogia (prov0) appears exactly as it should whereas Venice (prov3) and porto viro (prov2) are stretched southwards.
  3. Don_Colasanti

    Custom province map im making from scratch crashing.

    is it giving you an error message about scale when loading the main menu? try setting your background maps to be the same as the ones Lukasz made, and setting the bg to be double width of that
  4. Don_Colasanti

    can I create a new map?

    wjerson ha fatto un ottimo video se non l'avete già visto
  5. What to do when having difficulties in AoC2
  6. Don_Colasanti

    How to play as Finland in WW2 scenario Basic Guide

    Question: Can I scream "Suomi Perkele!" instead of "spurdo benis" on step 7?
  7. Don_Colasanti

    Italian Peninsula mod (penisola Italiana Aggiornamento)

    That looks like an appropriate scale I'm so glad to have you on board!
  8. Don_Colasanti

    easter egg

    Kurwa, maybe is same thing...
  9. Don_Colasanti

    easter egg

  10. Don_Colasanti

    Italian Peninsula mod (penisola Italiana Aggiornamento)

    That's Great! If you could just draw a map in MS paint or the like I could put it into Map editor. I just don't know all that much about Italian regions and cities.
  11. Don_Colasanti

    Sneak Peak of a Upcoming Map!

    looks great! could you use any help? map making is always better together!
  12. Italiani, Sto facendo una mappa della penisola italiana. Se qualcuno vuole aiutare la mia mappa per essere più precisi si prega di rispondere nel thread sottostante. Grazi!
  13. Are you proud of me Lukasz?