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  1. Shameless Self-Bump, it has been 6 days since I was locked out of my game. pls help, it's hard to make memes now.
  2. pretty self explanatory, lol
  3. become enemies with their enemies and friends with their friends, also be slightly stronger than them.
  4. Hello, I was making a map when the game crashed (it didn''t seem to like me trying to move the army position in the province). Unfortunately, now, as the game opens, it open to the last used map, which happens to be the one which crashed the game. now I cannot open my game. please help, Thank you!
  5. it's actually stock music, originally published with the game "Empire Earth"
  6. it worked,, update background. Thank you! now if only there were a way to play it... hahaha
  7. Lukasz may have been nerfed them... a bit much
  8. *looks at income Well, someone didn't invest in Eastern Poland...
  9. Hello, I am making a new map, I have noticed a few things that seem wrong. The custom map cannot be played (attempting only takes the player out to the previous menu instead of crashing though, so that's nice). Province 1 always looks like northern Spain, I'm 99% sure that's because of something in the scale folders but... well the scale folders cannot be edited under any circumstances before a crash. also some provinces seem a little wonky, at first I thought it was the map, but if you look, you can see that chiogia (prov0) appears exactly as it should whereas Venice (prov3) and porto viro (p
  10. is it giving you an error message about scale when loading the main menu? try setting your background maps to be the same as the ones Lukasz made, and setting the bg to be double width of that
  11. wjerson ha fatto un ottimo video se non l'avete già visto
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