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  1. For custom maps you just need the map editor and for mods you just need to access the game files and edit what you want to edit
  2. Will you make an --- version?
  3. I know sadly I am not that talented but if anyone would help that would be epic but I dont want to sound like an ass
  4. Ok so basically I am making this mod which will have a whole lot of ideologies and every nation will have a flag for said ideology. I also plan on editing the map but If I could have help with that it would be amazing. We already got 4 people in the discord. Hopefully I can see this mod developer into something as good or even better than addon with all due respects to Reich the creator of course. As they always say baby steps come before the mile run. New Ideologies so Far (This can change) Jacobin Republicanism National-Futurism National-Bolshevism Egoism Esoter
  5. I can get flags from the RF files as well as make them if you would like
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