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  1. Ideology ideas Strasserism National Bolshevism Orwellianism Esoteric Fascism
  2. If you want flag or ideology ideas I can hit you up on discord
  3. Hey if you want any ideology or Flag Ideas I can send you stuff on discord
  4. Ideology ideas Esoteric Fascism- wacky pagan Fascism Futurism- Wacky Fascist artist who really like the future Egoism- Anarchism with objectivist characteristics Objectivism- Egosism with Minarchist characteristics (Alos capitalist) Technocracy- When smart people run a Sort of socialist Dictatorship/Oligarchy National-Populism- "I'm not a Fascist I swear" -A Fascist in denial Imperialism- RULE BRITTANIA
  5. If you want flag Ideas to spruce up each ideology my discord name is Sorenaintborin1432
  6. The lore behind this nation is that The Nordic people were United by a hanseatic League like system except very centralized. The state is run by the Chief Trader and he is in control of the Commerce Council. A new Chief Trader is chosen after the current one dies and is elected by the Commerce Council. The Chief Trader has absolute power unless this is stripped by the Commerce Council if they see him as abusing the position. They are known for heavy imperialism and being big in the African, Native American, and Indian slave trade. Even in the 2000s their legacy of tyranny can be seen on every
  7. Ideas Strasserism- National-Socialism but actually socialist Futurism- Fascism with drug addict characteristics Objectivism- Biscally libertarian Capitalism taken to it's non anarchist extreme NAZBOL- no need to explain this if you have been on the internet Hive Mind collectivism- Basically borg communism Ultra-Progressivism- They want to oppress majority ethnic population and make LGBTQ mandatory Orwellianism- Literally 1984 Fordism- Homoerotic ultra-capitalist totalitarianism Stalinism- No need to explain this one Maoism- Stalinism but the ch
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