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  1. It is up to the player when it comes to who will take part. and yes there will be events.
  2. FutureReich is a scenario based around WW4. It takes place in 2057 although there will be other scenarios. For more info join the discord. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mdPPsh
  3. I wonder how to add custom ideologies on chromebook and then give nations flags for said ideologies
  4. I think a easier way to make ideologies and add flags for countries is needed because being a person who cant comprehend coding it would be really helpful. But if that happened who would need modders
  5. Nice idea if you want any suggestions then I will hit you up on discord for flag and ideology ideas and other such things
  6. Imagine UK dominion flag turns it into a dominion of the US
  7. Make sure to keep the flags clean and if you can't find the base game flags then use ones of your own design or off the internet
  8. I would like a few new ideologies like Nazbol and some flag changes like fascist norway. As well as a easier system for putting in your own flags for Android players. As well as a way for Android players to make an ideology. And maybe some new formables too.
  9. Fascism is no cap one of the my favorite ideologies to play and now I know why
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