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  1. Greece now has United all the Greeks! As this great country continues to expand so does the Greek way of life my the nation live forever and glory to our leader. NIKA!
  2. George Washington bout to but after seeing that map. (Also that flag is lit)
  3. When a single polish man makes a better strategy game then half of all strategy games
  4. They are just anarchist who keep changing the variation of anarchism that they fallow. They might have been ancaps before now their anarcho-Communists maybe now anarcho-syndicalists
  5. My favorite country to play as in the 1440 start date is norway (and not just because I am a Norwegian American but that's most likely why I started playing it) but it's already close to greenland and from there you can start American colonization
  6. This is not a complete Greece their is never a complete Greece Greece is only complete when it rules the whole world but that will take time so instead I will update you on how the playthrough goes
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