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  1. Good but can you stop using emojis and talking like that? Its kinda annoying
  2. Ok, sorry i think i saw a 1800 map
  3. Yeah, actually i made a mistake with kamchatka. The rest are accurate
  4. Add Kamchatka, Kazakh Khanate (only caspian part of Kazakhstan) and Mordovia as autonomous regions of Russian empire (cause they were a part of russia but had some kinda autonomy) as vassals cause thee is no "autonomous region" system in aoc ii except if u know how to code it. If anything i say is historically inaccurate, please inform me.
  5. @rzg0ld3nwhat happened to extended timeline v2? Is it dead?
  6. Hey, will you keep my suggestions? (Once you reach the point that you can remake them)?
  7. The empire of Czargrad Flag: Captal:Tzargrad (Costantinople) Formed by: All nations related to Russia and Ukraine, Belarus, Byzantium (Event to become the Kingdom of Tsargrad), Moldavia (Event to become Bessarabia-Slavia) and Moldova Leader: Czar Nicholas II
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