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  1. Hello guys just wanted to ask how do I install civilizations. Because in Bloody Europe mod there is one civilization that I want to transfer to my game. Thank you!
  2. Also here is a screenshot tell me if i did something wrong
  3. Hello by the title you see where my problem is I have been trying to make a simple event, but i don't want to talk about it here so here is my discord: Goldey#5894 . If you don't have discord help me out here! Thank you!
  4. Never mind I found how to spawn so much army you just have to type in "armyset (number)"
  5. What the video? If it is the video I cant remember what it was called and I dont have history turn on on youtube
  6. Hello everybody yesterday I watched a video about aoc2 cheat codes and one of them were for army so if you type in "army" you will get 300 men or soldiers but in the video the guys got 1000 men or soldiers so I wanted to know if that is a bug or the developer just made it to 300 Thanks for the help!
  7. Will there ever by a multiplayer option for this game I really enjoy it. If you don't know the answer please just leave your option. Do you guys think that multiplayer is necessary?
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