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  1. nope, but i added a lot of tiny islands
  2. and you are going to do that? I think Lukaz abandoned this
  3. A user by the name of xjento called me a yellowskin and praised hitler, he acts like a idiot and is overall just the most annoying member of the forums, I want you to team up with me against him.

  4. I havent finished the mod yet. Wait a few months more
  5. i did it like that but without the uk bases and buffer zone
  6. i made it not exactly but similar
  7. i have no idea of how the holy roman empire works xd
  8. Which are the 5 mods you are more hyped? Mine are: 1. Addon+ Update 2. Project Colon 3. Age of Elder Scrolls Update 4. History of the South 5. Rise of Africa
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