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  1. Venezuela allies with Argentina and together declares war on United Kingdom. Argentina for the Malvinas and Georgias and Venezuela for Guyana and Trinidad y Tobago. Mexico later joins the war for Belize.
  2. ¿Vas a sacar una beta pronto o esperarás a tener el mod completo?
  3. CopenhaguenLink


    It doesnt open and I empty the scales folders and put the scenario test also fixing the provinces files 😞
  4. CopenhaguenLink


    I going to try it
  5. CopenhaguenLink


    Still crasing 😞 can you try to fix in your pc and upload the complete maps folders XD
  6. CopenhaguenLink


    I made this map but when I try to open my AoC2 crashes. If you can say me what I do wrong or if you can open it I will be very grateful Venezuela.rar Venezuela.rar
  7. I know how to do it but, when I try to open with AoC the game crashes
  8. How I do a whole complete a map? I were trying one of Latinoamerica but I didnt could do it
  9. Por allí en los 60s Cuba atacó a Venezuela dos veces, en los cincuenta tuvimos dictadura y desde el 63 el Esequibo pasó a ser oficialmente una area en reclamación
  10. This is the second version of a mod than I am donig called "Forgotten Wars". It includes the next: War of the Triple Alliance: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay fights Paraguay. Its hard becuase you will fall in a very big ecnomic depression. War of The Pacific: Perú and Bolivia fights Chile. Very hard if you are Chile. War Mexico-Usa: USA vs Mexico. Possibly some frontiers are bad. Six Days War: Israel vs Egypt, Jordania and Syria. Hard if you are Israel. Centeramerica: All center america fights. Its no based on a real war. Island of the North, the South and the Caribbean: All Islands of America between Greenland and Falklands fights. Latinoamerica Independence: The war between the Spanish Empire and the latinoamerica countries. URRS: All the URRS countrys fights NOT COMPLETED SCENARIOS: 1828: The world at 1828. 2050: Possibly future in 2050. ---------------------------------------------------- Updates of the 1.1 version: Two news maps. 30 new civilizations. (Some aren't implemented in any scenario). 4 new formable civilizations. --------------------------------------------- The Venezuela map is already finished, but for some reason, when I open it with the editor the game crashes, if somebody know the solution for this tell me please. If in Modern World you play as Spain, you will have a bit surprise. ----------------------------------- For the instalation of the mod you have to put the folder with stranges names in scenarios and the combine the folders civilizations and formable civilizations with they respective folder. If it say for reemplaze something say yes. ---------------------------------------------- Any ideas are welcome. Forgotten Wars.rar
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