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  1. i dont know how to do android version; the guy who used to do it is busy and cant do it neither
  2. Hello add scenarios fallout pre war?

  3. add scenario fallout pre gear war

    1. CopenhaguenLink
    2. Lakhal new

      Lakhal new

      Okay have usa have flag and China and world map





      images (1).png

  4. the other day I had a strange bug. In just one turn my happines turned from 80% to 0 in all my provinces and wouldnt rise up even after eliminating all taxes, firm peace and waiting for 50 turns
  5. How i convert a pc mod to android
  6. 0.4 realese for pc Android version hasnt come because the guy who does the --- is busy
  7. no lo se cambiar, pero si les ofreces un millon a un pais grande generalmente acepta
  8. or Its your pc or the files of the x5 scale are corrupted. Try ficing the game with steam or downloading it again. Either way you can still play in x4 and x3, and they are practically the same
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