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  1. You can do the Antartic and the missing Islands of the Caribbean, also do more provinces in Ucrania, Georgia and Togo for the separatists movements
  2. The background fits in perfection. what do you want to say with the provinces names
  3. And the Aztec-Mayan War
  4. What about USA-Spain War, USA-Mexico War and 1000 days war?
  5. Hey, a question. Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela hasnt events right? PD: When playing with Russia and Putin dies its the more funny thing that I see in all this game XD
  6. Wich scenarios will be have?
  7. Do the Sandwich and South Georgians Islands too
  8. Cuantas provincias tendría tu mapa?

    1. mateyro999


      por ahora no se argentina y chile se me corrrompieron y recien estoy viendo esto entonces tengo que re hacer argentina y chile... entonces supongo que tendras que esperar.

    2. CopenhaguenLink
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