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  1. You can do the Antartic and the missing Islands of the Caribbean, also do more provinces in Ucrania, Georgia and Togo for the separatists movements
  2. The background fits in perfection. what do you want to say with the provinces names
  3. And the Aztec-Mayan War
  4. What about USA-Spain War, USA-Mexico War and 1000 days war?
  5. Hey, a question. Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela hasnt events right? PD: When playing with Russia and Putin dies its the more funny thing that I see in all this game XD
  6. Wich scenarios will be have?
  7. Do the Sandwich and South Georgians Islands too
  8. Cuantas provincias tendría tu mapa?

    1. mateyro999


      por ahora no se argentina y chile se me corrrompieron y recien estoy viendo esto entonces tengo que re hacer argentina y chile... entonces supongo que tendras que esperar.

    2. CopenhaguenLink
  9. Hey, I know you are busy with this BIGGEST map but I want make a map from Venezuela but I cant because my game crashes when I try to open it. Its only 200 province, can you make it for me please?
  10. Thanks, the southamerica map was very difficult to do because I have to do every flag with the editor
  11. There are three or four scenarios that I didnt name for surprise you
  12. I know, I know... A lot of time since the 1.1 Version and I make another post. The problem is that if I put this in the last post probably you didnt notice the update because I didnt updtae in 4 moths. In any case, this mod is the final version. Scenarios: URRS 2050 1828 Peru-Ecuador War Gran Colombia-Confederation Peru/Bolivia War Chaco's War Malvina's War Regions of Southamerica (120+ new civilizations) USA-Mexico War Pacific War Triple Alliance War Six Days War Centroamerica Islands of North, South and Center America Latinoamerica Independence War If you play with some civilization in Modern World scenario (Spain) you are going to be surprised with a formable civilization very difficult to reach. Forgotten Wars.rar
  13. good, if Greenland has 71 provinces Brasil is going to be BIG
  14. From Greenland to Argentina or from Greenland to a piece of Antartica?
  15. Is this a map for Greenland?
  16. yes, maybe would work. Portugal and Spain being friends is something very powerfull
  17. Brazil joins the war by attacking some littles islands in the atlantic. Spain attacks Gibraltar, USA joins the war, but Spain attack Philipinnes and Puerto Rico at the same time Mexico Texas
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