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  1. The title says it all, I have run out of ideas to make scenarios and I want you to help me
  2. I did what you told me and the same thing keeps happening (This time I attach a photo of what happens)
  3. if you can put the administrative divisions of Argentina you would make me very happy
  4. Right click on the image by pressing the option "Save Image as ..."
  5. For some reason, the game crashes when I put the background
  6. I do not want to be annoying, so I will say the small errors that I have seen (More than anything in the area of Argentina), is that I have seen that in the Province of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Confederation is in place, when it was formed In 1831, I think it would be better in that place than Buenos Aires, in addition, the provinces of Entre Rios and Misiones do not have the correct flags (At the end I put the correct flags) and they should also be completely independent and not vassal states. Entre Rios Misiones Oh, and another thing, do you plan to add leaders? I
  7. Is this version only for android? If so, will a BETA version be released for steam? By the way, I loved how the mod is looking
  8. I don't know if someone asked you, but could you pass me the background download link? From already thank you very much
  9. I am a little concerned about the performance of the mod / scenario, because I think that with so many civilizations, the game can get very slow
  10. I think it is much better if you add Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal as vassal states, as well as the British Raj and other colonies
  11. I am loving how the stage is looking! I look forward to playing it, also it is motivating me to create something similar, although I do not think it is so good
  12. Hello everyone, I put this publication more than anything so that you know that if you want me to make a personalized flag for a personalized civilization I will do it without any problem and obviously for free, it's just that, thanks for reading
  13. Hello, I have seen a small error, and it is that the department of Rio Negro has the flag of the province of Rio Negro (Argetina), here I leave the flags (The first is the one in the captures, which is Argentina and the second is correct)
  14. Puedes hacer uno de la guerra civil Argentina o de la revolución rusa
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