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  1. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Rio Grande do Sul are unified in a single country called "Conosur"
  2. never team up with xjento dude


  3. Small advances Hello, I come to inform you about some small advances that I made to the scenario and also about new things that will be sold in it. First and foremost, I have finished Arabia (Includes Persia), unfortunately I have forgotten to capture them. With this, I have created the following civilizations: Protectorate of Aden, Imanate of Oman, Truce States and the Protectorate of Kuwait. Also, I am working in China and (mainly) in India, or rather, the British Raj. In the latter I will try to add to the princely states, to make a much better experience Also, I have
  4. Africa has been finalized! Finally, after several days, I have managed to finish the African continent. I have put all the colonies of the time, with their respective flags. If you notice any errors, just tell me The download will be available when asia and oceania complete, at that time, version 2.0 will be released
  5. If you refer to the Background, download it here in the forum, I'll give you the link to the topic in case you want to download it
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