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  1. good luck with laptop repair!
  2. I have two questions: 1) will the map of Rome and China be together? 2) Is it possible to change the initial regions of the game to Roman?
  3. Чи буде цей мод a p k? and at what stage it is now?
  4. yes, yes, I meant that it will be added after the map and the establishment of all states with their flags. Just another chip that can be made in the future. I even gave some ideas about the provinces of Macedonia and Carthage
  5. this tab indicates the national territories, it is next to the tab of the creation of the Holy Roman Empire.
  6. I was talking about the national provinces of the states that can be marked in the settings of the scenario.
  7. I mean the national territories of the countries (they can be marked in the script editor)
  8. I hope that the translator works well and translates correctly. So will this mod be an ---? But will it be a bonus to develop national provinces for the countries? (For example: Macedonia has some national territories in Egypt, Selekida, Phrygia and others; Carthage has national provinces in the eastern Mediterranean, ie in Phenicia)
  9. поганий перекладач, йшла мова про дерево фокусів , як у eu 4
  10. Я мав на увазі дерево фокусів як у eu4
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