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  1. Alpha 1.1 is now available for Android, link on 1st page of this thread.
  2. I've decided to release a pre-release version of Alpha 1.1 for PC as it is now feature-complete. There may be some bugs in the gamecode, which will be fixed and released both as a patch .jar, and as part of the full Alpha 1.1 release. Download the mod here! (PC)(158MB compresed, 178MB uncompressed) Alpha 1.1 features: 51 new civilizations (2,165 -> 2,216) The Known World: 9 new scenarios (8 full-map, 1 regional), 91 new cities, 11 new formable civs 1 new ideology (Kaal) Minor code and gameplay changes Armies can be recruited in occupied provinces
  3. There is, including music, but for some reason it doesn't work. After releasing Alpha 1.1, I'll try to see what's going on with it.
  4. Two new technologies (attack bonus and defense bonus, yes the AI can use them) and max tech is increased to 2.5.
  5. Three more scenarios, the gap between the 1161 and 1791 scenarios is now filled. Battle of the Seven Rivers (1618) War of Final Unification (1680) Age of Colonization (1740)
  6. There's already a Game of Thrones mini-mod (I call it that because it really isn't that large in scope), though it hasn't been updated in years:
  7. Here's three more full-map scenarios for the record: Caranese Sea Conflicts (1404) Gunpowder Era (1476) Whitehaven Wars (1555) There are now 33 scenarios (24 full-map, 9 regional).The last set of full-map scenarios will be two set in the 17th century, and the 1740 scenario.
  8. Still developing this mod, I've created 3 new scenarios (2 full-map, 1 regional) since release of Alpha 1.0. Storms of the East (1275) War of the Raven Flower (1332) Forty Years' War (1340) (note: I changed the 1340 scenario slightly from how it looks here)
  9. Back to development, armies can now be recruited in occupied provinces. This new feature will be available in Alpha 1.1, together with some new scenarios, changed building effects and more.
  10. Successfully ported WotEC to Android, here it is, working perfectly. Because of the large size of the background and the number of provinces, it is recommended to play the full map only on 8-core devices. The link will be posted both on the main thread page and the Discord server.
  11. ALPHA 1.0 RELEASED! Now five months into the development of War of the Eight Continents, Alpha 1.0 of WotEC is finally released! Download the mod here! (PC) (156MB compresed, 175MB uncompressed) Alpha 1.0 features: Over 2,000 civilizations from various time periods 3 detailed maps: The Known World (9,427 provinces, 1,405 cities, 28 scenarios, 350 formable civilizations) Demo 1 map (551 provinces, 7 scenarios, 22 formable civilizations) Demo 2 map (1,091 provinces, 15 scenarios, 44 formable civilizations) 2 new ideologies (Imperial
  12. In lore, most of Yokuda was destroyed and sank into the ocean in 1E 792 because of some civil war between particularly powerful warriors (a group of Ansei called the Hiradirge). Does the shown area represent that sunken part of the continent?
  13. I almost thought Łukasz Jakowski was back... and turns out the Sky troll is back!
  14. Here are the last scenarios included in Alpha 1.0 (in temporal order obviously): Treaty of Blauerwald (1161 CE): The Great Revolution (1791 CE): The Dacanian Powder Keg (1903 CE): Frosthaven Civil War (1908 CE): Modern World (2021 CE): There are 26 scenarios (19 full-map, 7 regional), 1,918 new civilizations and 303 formable civilizations as of now. More images can be found on the Discord server, on the channel #⤆-wotec-stuff-⤇.
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