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  1. What is this "new editor" I'm seeing here? Could make my own maps more convenient to make. Also, nice map concept!
  2. Beta 1.4 teaser: Westrinia around 1760 B.F.R. The first cohesive kingdoms have started forming around the continent, forming what would become the Tarcinine states. There remains reams of territory still untamed and ruled by countless tribes. Who will be the first to unify Westrinia?
  3. Westrinia complete, there are now 1617 provinces.
  4. Beta 1.4 teaser: Eastern Draconian Islands, inhabited by Northerners and Rekovans, with very few native Draconians
  5. 1537 provinces done, 1.4 should come sometime next week
  6. 1479 provinces done, now on to filling the Eastern Lands with countries
  7. Year 1000 scenario world map
  8. BETA 1.3 update: - 18 new civilizations - 5 new formable civilizations - Conversion of some civilizations from editor to game civilizations - New government types for major empires (Imperial Core and Imperial Province) - 78 new provinces added to map (in Eastern Lands) - Added 1000 and 1300 scenarios - Revised Maegrus Era (435) scenario - Revised Draconian Invasion (1789) scenario Coming in BETA 1.4: - Finishing of Eastern Lands (part 2) - Conversion of all major states from editor to game civilizations - ACTUALLY coming now, revising of existing terrain types - Year 100, 550, and 800 scenarios, as well as more major wars as scenarios Download link updated: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dMTRYJ-4DTw9F5EXYtaBsmd6izBfUOAT
  9. Download link for backgrounds (I forgot to add them in the mod): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QS4X7R8eCFgZUxLsFqMdVSyncHbXBbU_. Just put them in the map folder.
  10. Sorry for forgetting to add the background, I'll add it tomorrow in a separate file for the current version, and in the next update.
  11. BETA 1.2 update: - More fixing of scenarios - Beginning of conversion from editor to game civilizations - New terrain types (suburb and city) Coming in BETA 1.3: - Finishing of Eastern Lands (part 1) - Continuing conversion from editor to game civilizations - Revising of existing terrain types - Year 1000 and 1300 scenarios Download link updated.
  12. There are still some minor fixes and other things to do. I'll let you know when it's ready. The mod is now ready for review.
  13. BETA 1.1 update: Fixes to scenarios Added two new civilizations (Whitehaven Empire and Draconia) New scenario (Draconian Invasion, 1789)
  14. More gameplay photos from other scenarios.
  15. Some pictures to give you an idea of what the game looks like currently. The map background is temporary and will receive a major update after BETA 2.
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