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  1. Just typical development stuff, more named capitals and a couple of new civilizations. 309 out of 8,729 cities done (3.53% complete), though I'll remind the alpha definitely won't have 8,729 cities on release! Yeah, even the most desolate regions where you don't expect any human habitation will have named cities upon release of the final version.
  2. Made a lot of progress on first scenario, over 70 wholly new civilizations: Earlier (600 BCE and before) scenarios, and maybe even one or two later (up to Age of Darkness/592 CE probably) will reuse many of these civilizations, so those will be quicker to make.
  3. Developer is currently adding Bloody Europe II's new code changes to Age of Elder Scrolls:
  4. Hey, any updates on Age of Elder Scrolls development?
  5. Still developing the first scenario... this is gonna take a while. For now, have a teaser of an ongoing war over a fallen eastern continent.
  6. ALPHA PROGRESS PART 1: WATCH YOUR TERRAIN Today, I finished the basic terrains for the full map, together with some cities. Eventually, more terrains will be added, including but not limited to the ones mentioned in this post I made at the end of May. Development will be less active through the remainder of the month, but I hope to finish the first scenario (375 BCE) by the end of this month, then a few more through October, and eventually release the alpha somewhere in December 2021. Then, I'll move on to doing the main gameplay change for WotEC, time-based province movement, alongside a
  7. Completed all province connections today. Next progress update post when I complete basic terrains and continents.
  8. FULL MAP PROGRESS PART 6: THE SUN SHINES OVER THE FULL MAP It's a great day for War of the Eight Continents, today, all provinces of the full map are 100%, I repeat, 100% COMPLETE!!! This is by far the biggest map I've created, with 9,424 provinces, including over 8,750 land provinces, it's almost 5 times my previous record, when the T.O.R. Ravenfield map was finished with 1,890 provinces. The provinces aren't just repeats of the old maps in quality, they have much smoother and less spiky borders, and a long way from the old provinces in continuity too, with every pixel of the background
  9. All 8,799 land and lake provinces are now complete, and I'm now doing sea provinces, of which there are around 500. 9,010 provinces complete so far.
  10. It's a false positive. The program has no viruses. What antivirus do you use?
  11. Download 7zip (the official website is https://www.7-zip.org, the latest version is only guaranteed there) to extract it, then extract the "release" folder from the .zip file to a directory of your choosing. Then, open the "release" folder, then "AoM", and then main.exe.
  12. FULL MAP PROGRESS PART 5: WAR OF 2.5 CONTINENTS So, it's been a while since the last progress update, and I assure you development hasn't stopped at all! So far, 7,585 provinces have been completed, including all of Dacanium and Eastern Lands, with Southern Lands over 50% complete now. I still can't give you an ETA as to when it will be completed, there are still a lot of provinces to do, and Terra Australis, Draconia and Westrinia still don't have one complete province.
  13. It's a false positive, the antivirus is likely having trouble with the significant changes made to the executable file.
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