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  1. Really though, why is A***p***K banned?
  2. Well i made this to share some strange invasions seen. Share your own if you'd like!
  3. i know i'll fix it soon
  4. Finished the USA! (But some provinces didn't load in for some reason.)
  5. Also if you get the Decision Taken trigger copied, it's ok. It will still work normally.
  6. Short tutorial that should help out with capitulation events. City Capturing First, make sure you have it so that it can begin at the start of your Scenario, and the 5000 date. (Longest possible date) Now, make sure your triggers look like this: <Country> Exists (The receiver of the event.) Provinces occupied (The province you'll want to occupy) if you do everything right, it should look like this: Now, after this, make sure the official capitulation event (if you're doing the multiple city occupation route) has all of the <City> Is ours decisi
  7. Next I'll probably redo central America's stuff.
  8. Good luck! (Even though I'm making one lol)
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