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  1. it's been a while, so here's the little amount of progress i made. I've mostly been dealing with school and making the UI.
  2. Not funny didn't laugh. Did you honestly think that that pathetic joke of yours had any humoric value? Honestly, your joke was so bland, that watching paint dry would be considered quality comedy. Please, never make another pathetic joke like that ever again in your life.
  3. You'll probably have to copy the game files, and then zip it and upload it to Google drive or something. (It might take a while to copy with over 20k provinces)
  4. 503 Provinces
  5. The 68 x 44 to FlagsH, the 27 x 18 to Flags (In game folder)
  6. Alright, so first scale the flags to 68 x 44. Then copy it, and scale it to 27 x 18. Also make sure the flag name is the civ tag. After that, go to languages, civilizations, and click bundle. Here's an Exaple of what you'll do next: ger = Germany (do that with your own civ tag.) Next up go to editor, game editor, civilizations, and add civilization. (Make sure it's your own tag.)
  7. There's hope for new content in Addon+, so who knows?
  8. I still work on it but due to a lot of personal problems i can't update it as much as i'd like to.
  9. Sorry for taking such long breaks before updates. But i'll try to push them out. 359 provinces done.
  10. Noobs Dudes

    Map Editor

    you might've not used a PNG and named it to bg.
  11. Finally something for the Asia map
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