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  1. Heya, unsure if you remember, but are you still interested in making a Venus map?


    Have a nice day


    1. Duke_of_Tiete


      oh hello there bud, i started but stoped the project a while ago.

      unsure if i will ever come back, but thats completely my next project if i come back

    2. Duke_of_Tiete



      Heres a glimpse by the way

  2. I changed the original 1440 map scenario and I think I lost the original 1440 map, could someone upload it here so I can download it again? Thank you!
  3. We definitly need an update, bugs need to be fixed, and more things need to be added, I've had ideas of my own as to what should/could be added into the game to make it even better (bug fixes, new maps (like other planets) , a way to select many troops at once, from many provinces at once, and much more), and of course I hope Lukas knows we know he has other projects he puts his dedication into, but this community is still quite active, and to me this game is underrated, and I think frequent updates could help a lot to boost the game's popularity again.
  4. Hello there, few months ago, I downloaded a Mars Map for AoCII See here (credits to whoever had made it, can't remember..) and I ended up wondering if there was more of those "other planets" maps, and since I could not find any here, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this project, that I sadly can't do myself (Bad with the editor, university, exams etc..) If someone is, I've attached maps of what Venus could look like with water, as a base and help for the project, I hope someone picks this up and choses to work on this, as I think such a map could be pretty fun
  5. Hey there, just to say the idea is awesome, but you should edit the german occupation zones that have mistakes, for exemple, all of France was not occupied, and I think it would be great to be able to play as Vicky france against germany and take the occupied part of the country back, etc, you could also make occupied states just vassals instead of actual parts of the German territory, as they were not annexed during war (Like norway, or again, France, and probably parts of Eastern Europe) If it could help I attached you a map of the actual controlled zones, so Germany itself could be ac
  6. So where is that? if its in the game settings, I couldnt even get to launch the game when I tried to install this map sadly
  7. Hello there, I have downloaded this map a few weeks ago now but I couldnt get it to work, I've installed maps in the past and they all work but I cant get this one to work, the game does not even start, I get a black screen like it's gonna start but then it crashes and thats it, I dont know why I cant get to get this map to work, any help?
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