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  1. idk, i will say you when i know it
  2. here https://discord.gg/kteyjk
  3. Finally, the USA are finished! now we have 2257
  4. please @kokakolabrooooo can you write in title isn't finished to avoid more messages asking for link
  5. i'm making a map of the americas here:
  6. We maked a event on the discord server to make a logo, i hope you participate!https://discord.gg/bt3Yxv
  7. please, it isn't relased, can @Kerems2434 please add "not relased" to title to prevent more questions like "link please"
  8. Он не умер, из-за некоторых проблем мы заморозили мод
  9. updated link 😛 https://discord.gg/Nqdvya
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