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  1. here https://discord.gg/kteyjk
  2. Finally, the USA are finished! now we have 2257
  3. please @kokakolabrooooo can you write in title isn't finished to avoid more messages asking for link
  4. i'm making a map of the americas here:
  5. We maked a event on the discord server to make a logo, i hope you participate!https://discord.gg/bt3Yxv
  6. please, it isn't relased, can @Kerems2434 please add "not relased" to title to prevent more questions like "link please"
  7. Он не умер, из-за некоторых проблем мы заморозили мод
  8. updated link 😛 https://discord.gg/Nqdvya
  9. Hello, I created a discord server for this mod, if you join, you will have more announciements and have it faster https://discord.gg/pnpScu
  10. we only need to finish canada and parts of the USA, so i think no
  11. hi, sorry but if i make the borders of the states of all countries, some countries will be cheat example, if i make the provinces to make the states in costa rica, it will be bigger than uruguay and it isn't realist
  12. Now i finished northeast of the USA, now we have 1970 provinces
  13. you can do an alternative civil war on the soviet union with independentists, capitalists, the goverment, fascist and tsarist (sorry for my english)
  14. ⚠great update⚠ I finished Brazil and some little states of new england, now we have 1820 provinces
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