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    Universe — Local “human” galactic cluster—andromeda Milky Way—— the last ray—-the solar system—-the inner solar system——earth—-Asia——Middle East——-iraq——Basra province—-Al-Jonaina city
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    Here's the rtf version of it:AoC_Interview_Eisen.rtf

    The game changed his life. He dropped out of college and created the Age of Civilizations II himself
    It is possible that you have not heard about the turn-based strategy of Age of Civilizations, which appeared on mobiles. Łukasz Jakowski's game turned out to be a great success, which changed the life of the creator. He dropped everything and left for the Bieszczady Mountains created Age of Civilizations II.

    As the creator himself writes, his game has a simple rule: easy to learn, hard to master. The player's task is to unite or subjugate the world with the help of army and diplomacy. The era after the era passes through the history of mankind, from the first Civilizations to a distant and unknown future. In Age of Civilizations II also has an extensive editor, where you can create entire scenarios and maps.
    Returning to the original, AoC came out as a premium game and achieved tremendous success, because it was bought by over 100,000 players. This allowed Łukasz Jakowski to drastically change his life. Where did the idea for historical strategies come from? I asked.

    "Even before I started to create games I was interested in history, which was and still is a great curiosity for me. My favorite game genre has always been strategies, so the choice for my own production was simple 🙂 "- says Łukasz Jakowski.

    How big was the success of Age of Civilizations? The game only went on mobiles and in the premium version, which is payable. Pretty risky move, especially on Android.
    "The first part of Age of Civilizations came only on Android and Windows Phone. It was an adventure for me, an additional project in my free time during my studies, which turned into something more. The reception of the first part by the players exceeded my expectations, I did not expect such results and I was not ready for it. The success was so great that I decided to stop my studies in the third year and focus on the development of the game and activities. "- says Jakowski.

    How did the unexpected success of the one influence the decision to issue a continuation? On November 21, you debuted from AoCII on PC, and also on Android and iOS. And from what I know, you created the game ... yourself.
    "Without the success of one, it certainly would not be Age of Civilizations II. The stability that the first version gave me has allowed me to work on the second part for almost three years. And yes, the entire AoCII project was created only by me. "- says Łukasz Jakowski.
    Create a game and succeed yourself, sounds like a beautiful dream of many creators. If you want Łukasz Jakowski's dream to continue, you can buy Age of Civilizations II on Steam. Especially that the game costs only PLN 14.99.
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    Pewdiepie Empire

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    iraq empire srry for the messed up names

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    really, it not very difficult to start, you start invading belgium and netherlands and you continue with france or germany, the thing that is diffiicult, is invade russia
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    Nice ! But sadly I’m on mobile i can’t
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    Hello .Name of this scenario is Continental wars .This is my first scenario for this community .ENJOY😀
    Continental Wars.rar
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    Abdulrahman reacted to Serg in Age of Civilizations   
    Łukasz, why did you start making a new game without finishing the old one? You have not yet completed your first, grandiose and large-scale project, updates for which are waiting for all the fans, but at the same time already strive to make a new game? Don't you realize that this very new project will be perceived by the audience with negative for the simple reason that you corny did not finish AOC 2? 
    What do we players need? We want to see at least one update that will fix bugs, and in the best case-will introduce global innovations in the game, with new chips and mechanics. 
    Łukasz, we, your loyal fans, will remember you as a wonderful developer, and the Creator of a large, and most importantly – a successful project, if you still do what we ask. Believe me, not every one of us wants to see a new project, while the existing one does not meet expectations and prospects. This can always be done later, you have a lot of time for new projects. First you need to bring to the ideal existing. After all, he really deserves it, and it will be better for everyone. Lukas, save AoC II. 
    We will be especially happy and grateful if you respond to our spam-action, which we had to arrange to get your attention and response. 

    Sincerely, dedicated players of your promising project. 
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    good, but steps to make aoc1 on mobile without mods:
    Open  games
    press the name off the map on top
    press the map next to the modern one
    here ya go!
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    Yes there is, but I don't remember how. (I don't play on mobile) Sorry..
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    No probs, really looking forward to learning how to download and (hopefully) I make scenarios like you! Thanks
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    where's denmark?
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