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  1. lukasz, if you're not gonna update the game, at least just do one thing: make the game files visible for ios, so we ios players can download mods. please ...
  2. Add spies, you can send them to another country to get some information like: Army size, How much gold they have, How much gold they earn, How much they can recruit etc. There is a chance the spy will get caught. But, the weaker the nation, the lower the chance he gets caught. If he got caught the country might decrease relations with you. If a country sends a spy to your country, they will get your info and see if you're weak so they can attack you. If your country is strong, they might fail and you get a message that [country] sent a spy to you, then you can decide what to do: send insult, declare war, demand other stuff etc.
  3. you probably get this suggestion every day but here's another idea: New button: Multiplayer When you click on it, there are several buttons: - Create Game - Load Game - Join Server First every player will have an automatically generated player id. So you can type your friend's ID and add him as a friend. So when you create a game, you can choose him as a player. Either this or add an invite link that players can send to their friends to join their multiplayer game. Clicking on Load Game would show you the saves of your multiplayer games And finally, you can create Online Servers. It's basically like a normal multiplayer game, but your server is available to everyone. Anyone can join, and when the minimum amount of players has been reached, the owner can start the game. but everyone has to tap "ready" and here's the idea of how multiplayer can work: Before starting the game, the owner has to choose a timer. lets say for example the default is 1 minute. So people have 1 minute to finish their turn. The "next turn" button is replaced with "ready". If all players finished before 1 minute (tapped ready) it'll be the next turn automatically without having to reach 1m If the timer finishes before all players tap ready, then it will next turn automatically.
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