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  1. Both of these can be done on PC. It requires going through the game files but if you do everything right you can make a civilization the exact same as the ones in the base game.
  2. Yes the tag can be longer than one letter and the government id is for relations. Governments with the same id will be able to form alliances easier than with ones with other ids.
  3. Apersonyouwontknow


    Mods and any other downloadable content on Android and PC are unavailable on IOS due to Apple’s security. You’ll have to make due with what the game provides you.
  4. Population would increase the amount of money they make from taxation. Nations with low populations would most likely put more technology points into population growth. Another effect from a low population would obviously be a smaller recruitable population making it more difficult for military expansion. For economy the AI would pretty much just have a larger army outside of war. And would be considered more of a larger nation making it more difficult for the player(s) and smaller nations from forming an alliance with them. Starting money, they would most likely use to recruit soldi
  5. Seleccione cualquier provincia del país que desea que controle el jugador. Luego haga clic en la bandera en la esquina superior izquierda. Después de eso, haga clic en el cuadro que dice escriba un mensaje ... escriba "hola". Luego escriba "agregar jugador" (sin espacio).
  6. Steam apps -> common -> Age of Civilizations 2 -> map -> (Whatever map you made the scenario on) -> scenarios. In scenarios there will be multiple folders with random letters and numbers if you enter them there will be a png named preview. This is where you will see the map with the nations in the scenario. After you find the one you want exit out of the folder right click and delete.
  7. In trigger put it where if Hungary’s capital is Budapest Austria-Hungary will form Austria. The reason Austria-Hungary formed Austria without Hungary being on the map is because technically Hungary already existed according to the game since it’s involved in an event.
  8. Go into the files; game -> civilizations_informations Then look for the civilization’s tag. Open the file and type in the name of the Wikipedia article exactly the way it is. But for spaces put _ like Achaea would be Principality_of_Achaea
  9. If you want to prevent the AI from forming a formable civilization in a single scenario just add the formable civilization as a 1% core in a province. Or make them a recipient of an event that is blank. This will make the civilization exist preventing it from being formed by other civilizations.
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