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    Apersonyouwontknow got a reaction from krsa in How to make a union between two countries?   
    If you want to make a union between your nation and another and they aren't complying you can use an exploit. Or at least for me on IOS you save game --> exit to main menu --> back --> Editor --> Game Editor --> back 2x --> Games --> New Game. Now here it will show the saved game as if it were a normal scenario with all the information such diplomats, relations, wars, units, and economy all remaining the same as when you saved it. Now add the country you wish to form a union with as player one and your original as player 2 hit play offer a union to your original country make yours accept and walla, they formed a union. Though this will reset the turns so I'm not sure if events would still work. But nonetheless you formed a union. 🙂
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    Apersonyouwontknow got a reaction from Bacon27 in Having trouble with events   
    In trigger put it where if Hungary’s capital is Budapest Austria-Hungary will form Austria. The reason Austria-Hungary formed Austria without Hungary being on the map is because technically Hungary already existed according to the game since it’s involved in an event.
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    Apersonyouwontknow reacted to PrussiaBoi in Victorian Era Scenario (Improved)   
    Hello! I was doing an improved version of the Victorian Era scenario because africa and oceania are uncomplete and well i redesign the entire scenario and i think that the scenario is better than the original so here is the scenario! 😄
    1595549272999nqbdcckf.rar NewCivs.rar
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    Apersonyouwontknow got a reaction from PrussiaBoi in Se puede agregar Otro Jugador en media partida?   
    Seleccione cualquier provincia del país que desea que controle el jugador. Luego haga clic en la bandera en la esquina superior izquierda. Después de eso, haga clic en el cuadro que dice escriba un mensaje ... escriba "hola". Luego escriba "agregar jugador" (sin espacio).
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