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  1. This update was really good, but there are a few things I think would be great quality of life changes, like: adding a way to quicly build multiple buildings instead of one at a time, a similar mechanic for quickly investing in provinces. It would be be better if the Rebellions weren't so frequent, they're certainly better than vanilla, but they're too frequent and can often lead to 100% war exhaustion. Just making Rebellions a little less likely to fire would fix this problem. Making the chapitulation mechanic a bit more sensitive would be better too, as it is now it seems to be ver
  2. I think that both fictional and historical formables should be added, but the focus should be on Historical imo
  3. Ok, keep up with the good work, this has been by far the most detailed and fun mod I've played.
  4. Sorry if this was asked before, but will there be events? Or something like the American Civil War
  5. It looks like a really good mod, but as some have said before, please make the rivers less visible. Personally, visible rivers are cool yours are just too visible.
  6. Will there be an Android version? (Sorry if this was asked before)
  7. This looks like it'll be one of the best mods for the game, keep up with the amazing work!
  8. Could you make it so that the Soviet Union is a different civ from Russia? Like Mike russia the Russian SSR
  9. Will there be a Cold War scenario?
  10. This mod looks good, I'll be eagerly waiting for the English version
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