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  1. Hey guys I made one more event! It took so long cus I made a lot of alternative ways to choose.
  2. Soooooooo guys, I have made a lot of events this day. I hope that you like them!
  3. I know that, I have taken them down, because I wanted redo them
  4. Hello Guys! I have a question for y'all. Do you have any ideas for the events in the current scenario "The green Moon"? My Ideas: - Install Votes in the Weimar Republic - Install Votes in the Ottoman Empire - Bier Hall Putsch in the Weimar Republic - Soviet Coup d'etat by the Tsarist loyalists - Spanish Civil War - French Borbon Restoration - Austrian- Hungarian Restoration - German Empire Restoration - Reunification of Scandinavia - Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth - Total German Civil War - Reunification of French States
  5. I have event ideas for turkey in the cold war. Historical Events - 1960 Turkish Military Coup d'etat - The arrestment of Celal Bayar, Adnan Menderes, Fatin Rüştü Zorlu and Hasan Polatkan. - The execution of Celal Bayar, Adnan Menderes, Fatin Rüştü Zorlu and Hasan Polatkan - 1961 Turkish constitutional referendum - Turkish Constitution of 1961 - Failed Coup d'etat on the 22nd of February 1962 - Failed Coup d'etat on the 20nd of May 1963 - Failed Coup d'etat on the 20nd of May 1969 -1971 Turkish Military Coup d'etat -1980 Turkish Military Co
  6. I am back boys and girls! I decided to relaunch the entire project and now i am making it with events. First I start with bloody europe and then I am moving to other mods for example "Age of Imperialism" or "Addon+". It does take a long time to make the events and the map, every scenario on the first post will be remade. Cheers and happy new year! GoldHD1345
  7. The ottoman empire gained the entire balkan and the german empire even collapsed, so the ottomans gained even more stuff.
  8. Looks pretty cool, unfortunately I don't own a android device, but I'm looking forward to the Release of this masterpiece!
  9. Yeah, Britain surrendered in the scenario, so the ottoman empire granted them independence
  10. ok i do it when i have time, currently not really, but don't worry, I AM STILL WORKING ON IT, I HAVEN'T DROPPED THE PROJECT
  11. Ah I see, maybe I can make it, that they are right know in a revolution, because the goverment became a dictatorship, and many don't like that, so they started a civil war (A little bit like the Russian Revolution), you understand?
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