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  1. no baile nois é midia, no baile os menó *tiro de artilharia* marola, aperta o balão *recarrega a metralhadora* ascende puxa prende e solta
  2. ENG Mc poze do rodo is a brazilian funk musician who made a lot of - in my opinion - good songs, in the process became a meme. There's a soundtrack I made to the game with a playlist from youtube. PTBR Não preciso dizer quem é o mc poze do rodo, né? Bom, aqui eu posto a playlist de mc poze que eu tirei do youtube para colocar no jogo. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oprbv3794sjhhw9/music.rar/file
  3. holy cow I literally didn't said sorry in anything that's not the title, sorry for that too XD
  4. During the fight against xjento I came to other topics where he was "recruiting" members to his childish small nazi party, on those topics I fight him while transforming the topics into a battlefield. I was very childish during that fight, I mean, I was too angry to think on what I said; that's why I was looking like a 11 years old kid (btw I'm older than 12). So that's why I'm apologizing. Sorry if it sounds a bit "generic". I'm posting it on mods because there are no more place to post it, and to get more chances of the modders I annoyed see this. This is the last
  5. I know, but I didn't realized you were right when I was fighting xjento, sorry dude, you were right, like @Nationalism Is Strength.
  6. let's leave the hacktor's topic without fights, he don't deserve see xjento's dumpness
  7. You should make the most hideous prof pic+background imaginable.

    1. macabreconqueror
    2. GMC_dude


      I just made winnie's alt the most hideous profile of all time, Check my description for more detail.

    3. macabreconqueror
  8. there will be no more updates today. I'm out of the pc for a while
  9. that's what the childish and dumpest kid says.
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