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  1. Government++ Adds more governments to the game and thats it. still being worked on and probably long time between updates. Update V2 Added: -Kleptocracy -Maoism -Trotskyism -Stalinism -Leninism -renamed Communism to Socialist Tried adding icons/crowns(Conservative Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Authoritarian Democracy, Social Democracy but somehow it doesn't load so i'll try it next time. Removed: -Sultanate -Caliphate (note: will try re-adding them later) Bugs: one major problem while testing is China on the modern day scenario whos suppo
  2. More Governments.rar A little mod i made in between online classes note: you have to change the governments of countries manually in existing scenarios because most of the countries would change to either democracy, young democracy and absolute monarchy and china is a bit broken. Also the governments have default icons except for the Constitutional monarchies and national socialism. the governments are from my personal mod hence the flag of burgundy and britain. mod includes: -Republic renamed to Young Democracy -Conservative Democracy -Social Democracy -Libera
  3. This is test mod that only works for PC. No viruses 211mb Only introduction events for some countries (Other events are WIP or in other words GONE) DO NOT play this on other scenarios,it breaks it links: Here or Here
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