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  1. Hi! I am creating a Team of modder for AoC2. Actually we are 2 but we need other 3/4 modders to work with us! We are searching for a name too (the logo is not a problem). Requirements: - The game - Modding Experiences - Good English For who is interested DM me on Discord: Fear2636#3666
  2. @BrunskiIt's an endless war. But I am with you 😉
  3. Hi! This is my first formable civilizations pack. I made it so you all can enjoy a better experience while playing Austria! This pack include: Formable Nations: Greater Austria Greater Austrian Empire Greater Austrian Colonial Empire Balkan Union Union of Brothers Pangermanic Union NEW FLAGS MADE BY ME AND HIGH-DETAILED! Please, post a review in the comment and suggest me what Nation Expansion should I do 😉 civilizations_editor.rar
  4. @Sarmad Ali OK, when you download the scenario there's a "ReadMe.txt" file that explain you how to install the scenario 🙂
  5. Here I will post your Suggestions: Confirmed: 850 Scenario - Fall of the Carolingians In-considerations Idea: Mongol Empire Scenario
  6. Hi, there are no modded civs/events in this scenario, I wanted only to create it to see the feedbacks. Maybe in the future i'll do it one with events etc... but for now Enjoy 🙂 worldwar2_alt.rar
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