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  1. Update the city mate! That would be better!
  2. Make all the continent available, also more province!
  3. Add more Landmark, Small Country and Before Century Scenario Like Rise of Macedonian, First World Empire Akkadian.
  4. Make the Antarctica As Huge as This (Picture) and also Separate it like West antarctica (Graham land, Palmer land, Ellsworth land, Benner Island and Marie byrd land) and East Antarctica (Queen Elizabeth land, Victoria land, Qates land, George V land, Terre adelie, Wilkes land, Queen mary land, Wilhelm II land, Princess Elizabeth land, Macrobertson land, Kemp land, Enderby land, Coats land and Dronning maud land). And off course don't forget about it's Signature! The Transantarctic Mountains! That's all my sugestion, Good luck mate!
  5. Animond

    Age of Nirn

    Heya mate, Add More Province about 5000+
  6. Hey bro, is your VK group still open?, i would like to join, Cause i like this mod (android vers), can U accept my Request?  If u see this. Thanks!

  7. Seems interesting, I always love a fictional Maps in AOC2. When did this come to android?
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