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  1. Why is the Scaling badly glitched when i start the game on the custom JAR?
  2. Does anyone know how to make an event for a random civilization? Ive tried to figure it out but i have recieved no luck so far, any help with this would be thankfull.
  3. How does your event work?
  4. Getting bored of working on this mod, will stop for some time, if anyone else wants to continue my work feel free to do so, but i wont be working on it for some time, i might make some other project that intrests me however.
  5. I will begin working on the new Europe update this weekend, i have also been finalising some glitches and bugs i found in the Asian Madness update, these will be corrected.
  6. More scenarios will be added when the 1936 scenario is finished, these will most likely NOT have events starting out.
  7. Next update will be based on Europe, most events didnt work write or didnt work at all when it came to Europe, as i had made most of them before i became good with events during the development of the Asian Madness update, thus i have deleted all european events, and i will be remaking them in the next couple of days, more music based around europe will be added in the soundtrack and more European events will be added, some minor changes to other details could very much take place in the next version (Version 3).
  8. Not sure on how to that just yet, but ill be looking into it.
  9. They do not, would the correct border include Xi'an as a part of the Kuomintang?
  10. Android Application Package File has been finished, new version will release today
  11. It would be extremely useful if there was an option to make an event activate for the player country or all countries, example, lets say im playing India, and i have made an event, instead of putting India as the recieving country, it would state player country, and no matter what country i play as, that event will fire for me, and the all countries event is pretty self explanitory, i hope this is possible to add in the future as it would be extremely useful.
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