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    FFF777 reacted to Reich in Norrvägen | RELEASED   
    I am very disappointed with the developer's statements today.Today I fully realized how much @Łukasz Jakowski disrespects his audience. At first, he made a stupid joke about AoC3, then realized that he should not have done so and decided to turn the bad joke into the """""truth""""".  You were asked to just work a little on fixing bugs in the second part, after which you could do whatever you wanted. But you chose the path of ridiculous promises of a new game that I'm sure will turn out to be as disappointing as AoC 2.
    I can't continue to develop the mod because of bugs and flaws in the events system (especially because of the irremovability of the leaders). 

    And I don't want to say anything bad about you, dear developer, but you have condemned yourself to the negative from your adequate part of the audience. Let the naive fools continue to wait for AoC 3 (this is really a game that no one asked for, if you know what I mean). I, like many other modders, no longer want to feed your game mods that look a thousand times better than the""" updates """ AoC 2, which we have seen.
    Only one thing can change the attitude towards you and your game - the AoC II bugfix update. Let's dream and hope...

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    FFF777 reacted to Reich in Norrvägen | RELEASED   
    @Łukasz Jakowski please, at least one such small update...
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    FFF777 reacted to Reich in Norrvägen | RELEASED   
    No. I prefer provide finished product. Unlike @Łukasz Jakowski...

    @Łukasz Jakowski, please, make make an update. I would like to be able to change the leaders of the countries with help of events. Otherwise, the concept of the scenario that I conceived is broken.
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    FFF777 reacted to Mavel in Norrvägen | RELEASED   
    Release the damn Source Code, Lukasz. If you don't want to fix the game, let the community fix it for you. -_-
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    FFF777 reacted to CassalettIV in THE PEOPLE DESERVE IT!   
    Remember how AoC2 was pretty popular and caught a lot of attention at release? You can bring this game back to life! More updates = more players, look at No Mans Sky comeback.
    Come on Lukasz! We love AoC2!
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    FFF777 reacted to Roff in THE PEOPLE DESERVE IT!   
    I have a couple of suggestions if Lucas updates the game... I would suggest that, add categories for armies... like navy, armed forces and air force. But certain army will only be available when a civilization reaches a certain technology point, or better if the game/turns reaches a certain era. The earlier eras will have classical warriors, then when the age of exploration come, navy will be opened, then age of industrialization opens the air force, the classical warriors will be converted to armed forces.
    Also add a new army system, training, efficiency points and conscripting system. The conscription will be the same but you can decide if you want to train your already existing army.
    The longer the training the higher the efficiency of the army will be. Higher efficiency army will have higher chance to win over lower efficiency army and will suffer lower casualties, if a higher efficiency army attacks a defensive army with low efficiency, the attacking army even if they are outnumbered against a defending army will have a higher chance to win a battle. Higher efficiency army will also have greater chance of winning when defending an attack. At peace times, when you train a certain army, the efficiency gain will be lower per turn and if the country is at war the efficiency gain will be higher per turn. You can train an already trained army only if they are on your territory. The maximum efficiency point will be 10.00. Or could be higher, Lucas can decide.
    When you recruited an army, they will have a default efficiency depending on the average development of the country.
    Current recruited armies can improve their efficiency in three different ways,
    1. Training - training your certain number of troops depending on how many turns you want increases their efficiency.
    2. Winning battles - when a set of troops won a battle, their efficiency increase.
    3. Increasing technology - when your country increases it's technology points, the efficiency of your whole army increase.
    When two armies are combined with different efficiency, their efficiency will be balanced out. For example, if your other army have 5.00 efficiency and the other troop only have 3.00, the resulting efficiency of the combined army will be 4.00 and if you divide that combined army into smaller troops, their current efficiency will be retained. 
    Army can still be recruited in any provinces but after the conscription you must choose specifically what kind of army they can be. How many troops you want to be a navy, armed force or air force. Or if you only want them to be any specific kind of army. Depends on you.
    Armed forces can only move on land, they can be recruited if the country reached industrial era and having 0.9 tech(depends on lucas). Armed forces act as close as a classic army troop of the current aoc2 but they can only move on land. They can however move on the sea if they are moved along side with the navy or airforce. Every 10 navy or air force can move 100 armed forces(depends on lucas). They can only attack on land. They can attack Naval fleet if they are on a coastal province near an enemy naval fleet or if they are carried by your navy. They can cause casualties on an enemy airforce if they have higher efficiency.
    Navy will be available if the country reached age of exploration era and having 0.6 tech. The navy will cost lower money when deployed on the sea near your port. the far they are from your port, the more they cost. And they can only move at the sea, they can only enter a land on a province that have a port or naval outpost. You can only recruit a navy if you have a port, and naval outpost anywhere in your country. You can only built a navy outpost if you have a port on that province. A navy can only attack on the sea, they can attack other naval troops. They can cause casualties against an air force if they have a higher efficiency, they can attack armed forces only if an armed forces is on a coastal province.
    Air force can be recruited when a civilization reached industrial era and atleast having 0.9 tech(depends on lucas). They can only be placed at provinces with airstrips and air force quarters. When the air force is moving, it can pass more than one province depending on their efficiency. When they are aginst a naval troop or armed forces, they can attack them while still moving and without getting casualties if they have higher efficiency than them. Only if the naval or armed forces army have higher efficiency can cause casualties on a moving or attacking air force troop. 
    Any kind of army could be converted to a different kind of army. 
    Also, please buff the production and income gain of the workshops, the growth rate of farms and the cost reduction of supply camps and armoury.
    Also, add more mechanics on alliances, formable alliances and default alliances, and associations. Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, etc, should be allowed to form the Axis if they have +50 opinion on any 2 members of the axis.
    Associations should also enter the system too. Default associations like EU, NATO, ASEAN, Arab League. Associations will be different on alliances. Countries that are members of the same association will have lower chance to declare war on each other, no matter what are their opinions on each other. Peaceful associations prevents war, Aggressive associations creates war against its enemies and Economic associations focuses on trade. Countries inside an association doesn't necessarily have to be allies or have high opinions on each other. A country can be a member of many associations. If an association reached more than 5 members, the association can have more than 1 founding country. 
    Countries who wanted to join an association should have to interact with the founding country and request association membership.
    Trade, Factories and Resources should also enter the game. Any country can organize a trade partnership with any country, they are just basically exchange money and resources. Resources will dictate the development. Resources increase the development of a country, but it will deplete over time and it is expendable just like money. Higher technology and economy increases resource production. Resource uses will be different. Resources will contribute to the population growth within a province and the default efficiency of your recruited army. Resources is depletes depending on how many population are there on a province. Farms, Factories and Workshops will increase resources production as well as income production. Like money, Resource Production should be higher than Resource Depletion. You can use money to buy more resources on a province and selling resources could give you more money, investing on a province also increases Resource Production. Conscripting and Training armies will cost Resources too. Factories will just act as a farm but with higher income production, resource production and growth rate.
    I have many ideas, but I will wait for your responses to this guys.
    You can add any ideas on this like also thank you.
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    Даёшь код игры мододелам!
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    Age of Revolution
    (Just kidding, I hope he hears us)
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    Даёшь код игры мододелам!
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    FFF777 reacted to Reich in THE PEOPLE DESERVE IT!   
    I'm glad I have so many great fans! Without you guys the Age of Civilizations wouldn't be the same! Thanks
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