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  1. Boblik

    Age of Red Star

    holy shit my eyes
  2. Boblik

    Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission

    lmao big mess over here
  3. Boblik

    Lovely Portraits Mod (In Development)

    Daily Update #8: Sorry for the lack of updates lol, currently workin on another large project (unrelated to AocII lol) meaning it's going to be slowed but fear not, I will finish it before the Workshop comes out lol
  4. Boblik


  5. Boblik

    Lovely Portraits Mod (In Development)

    Daily update #9: Work has slowed down but it’s nearing completion once again lol
  6. Boblik

    Word of Advice

    When you share a scenario, you might have sent this file in the folder Update: Differing reports say that you need it, sometimes you don't. Maybe instead, create a backup. my advice is DON'T, most people don't check and will paste it into their folders. The problem is that it will remove their custom nations, this has happened multiple times to me before, luckily I've backed them up. So please always delete this file when you're going to share a scenario.
  7. Boblik

    Suggest leaders for LPM

    That can’t be done rn, once you have a leader in a scenario, your stuck with it.
  8. Boblik

    Sheet Breex

    Kangju, more like... Bang you
  9. Boblik

    easter egg

    I thought that was meant to be Atlantis
  10. Boblik

    Suggest leaders for LPM

    huh, well I've already done most of my portraits as 88x100 , so I'll just keep it as it. Good advice for the future lol
  11. Boblik

    Suggest leaders for LPM

    sorry but that's just the style of LPM, a uniformed and standard background for all portraits
  12. Boblik

    Suggest leaders for LPM

    lol lemma fix his head lol
  13. lmao I ask this for no reason lol, if anyone wondering, I have 180 hours (most of it idletime, I leave the game open in the background to help with LPM lol)