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  1. Never finished the mod 0/10 

  2. Lol you’re probably (not) wondering about the state of LPM. Currently my laptop is broken, I’m waiting for parts to be shipped so it can get fixed lol. When it’s fix (which should be in either a week or less) I’ll release the mod lol
  3. Update: LPM is nearly done, about 90% lol. Even when it's done, I shall release it when the workshop comes out, as to maximize the clicks lol (and so no one else uploads it lol)
  4. As of recent (and by that I mean yesterday,) I had to restart my computer, but I'd accidentally left AoC on. When I restarted my comp, the game was uninstalled, this has happened to me with other games. Unlike the others, this has appeared to corrupt my scenario files. I've tried reinstalling multiple times, all failed to work. Before restarting my pc, I had created copies of my scenarios, so they shouldn't be corrupted, yet they are lol. Whenever I try to change the scenario, it takes me back to the main menu screen. I know a friend who's had this before. The only way I've solved it was remov
  5. Fail update #idk lol: I was away for a week, but now I’m back and can continue LPM lol
  6. Daily Update #8: Sorry for the lack of updates lol, currently workin on another large project (unrelated to AocII lol) meaning it's going to be slowed but fear not, I will finish it before the Workshop comes out lol
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