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  1. Java, look up the website to download, thats what you use to open .jar files
  2. I was wondering, after the program finishes running, where are the files as i cant seem to find them.
  3. Hello everyone. I can tell you all are people who like Age of Civilizations/History 2. Well, I am making a mod that will make the game even better. It will have a new map, more provinces, more scenarios and more. If you have any ideology suggestions, please comment them. Provinces: 100 Done Background: When provinces are done Connections: When provinces are done Scenarios: When provinces are done
  4. It's cause of the map itself. As it goes by HoI4 Victory Points, it can't really create, most of the time, depending on the country, accurate borders.
  5. Wrong, it was given back to france after the American revolution.
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