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  1. ModernWorld+Events ⛔ Warning ⛔ The Scerenario is not Fully Realistic ⛔ Syrian Civil War South China Sea threat Turkey Grow faster in Economics and Military Whole Asia Will be afraid to being Controlled by China Iran Become a New Power Chinese Influence Over Asia Chinese Communism Collapse and Dissolve Armenia Join Russia Korean Unification Turkish-Syrian War Belarus Join Russia Moldova Join NATO Russia Shocked Chechen Uprising Catalan Independence Russia Become Super Power Again Bangladesh is Develope Country Indo-Pak War NATO Collapse Bulgarian Rebels And More .... Events Created From WW3 Wiki Fandom (Alternate History) I hope you enjoy my Scenario 🙂 modernworld+Events.zip Governments.json
  2. Please Fix Government Icons and Government Code and Flag and Add new Civilization please and More Province please please
  3. UI Upload UI Create by Addon+ UI.zip
  4. RPM WORLD Scenario based on Power Ranger RPM but there is no Power Ranger. There have 67 human Civilization and 1 Computer Virus Civilization (Robotic). Full World is Destroyed by Robotic soldiers, Some Civilization are not Fully Destroyed. Please Download Government JSON UI File in Comments. 🛑 Remember Government JSON is not my, Government JSON creator (Addon+) Government Edited by Me.. Sorry For Bad English..Governments.json RPM World.zip
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