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  1. I created New Map about future Russian Federation Become Eurasian Federation China Collapse but China Still Communism NATO Collapse Bulgaria Become Communism West Balkan Divided Many Countries Turkey is More Bigger Kurdistan Can't Independence Israel Become Greater Israel Egypt is More Bigger Indonesia and Malaysia United Pacific Countries United with Australia India and Pakistan Border Changed Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Icela
  2. ModernWorld+Events ⛔ Warning ⛔ The Scerenario is not Fully Realistic ⛔ Syrian Civil War South China Sea threat Turkey Grow faster in Economics and Military Whole Asia Will be afraid to being Controlled by China Iran Become a New Power Chinese Influence Over Asia Chinese Communism Collapse and Dissolve Armenia Join Russia Korean Unification Turkish-Syrian War Belarus Join Russia Moldova Join NATO Russia Shocked Chechen Uprising Catalan Independence Russia Become Super Power Again Bangladesh is Develope Cou
  3. Please Fix Government Icons and Government Code and Flag and Add new Civilization please and More Province please please
  4. UI Upload UI Create by Addon+ UI.zip
  5. RPM WORLD Scenario based on Power Ranger RPM but there is no Power Ranger. There have 67 human Civilization and 1 Computer Virus Civilization (Robotic). Full World is Destroyed by Robotic soldiers, Some Civilization are not Fully Destroyed. Please Download Government JSON UI File in Comments. 🛑 Remember Government JSON is not my, Government JSON creator (Addon+) Government Edited by Me.. Sorry For Bad English..Governments.json RPM World.zip
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