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  1. Eh, it is a pity that there will be no Polish language
  2. The capital of the Kingdom of Poland was Gniezno, not Krakow.
  3. would there be an option to add a new province with the city of Chernobyl?
  4. Could it be possible to add these provinces to the map?
  5. And when will it be specifically downloadable? March? April?
  6. Scenario for the Napoleonic Wars! scenario designed ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY on ADDON + 1600770292143dwbflkqp.rar
  7. could we also give a version on Addon + ???
  8. There is no Congress Kingdom of Poland that was a vassal of the Russian Empire.
  9. 1700 scenario !!! scenario requires Addon + and is under development. I have problems with the Holy German Empire, so I listed the country. if you find any mistake, please write Zdięcia aktualnego stanu
  10. PL Ale chodzi ze województwa? czy w zwyczajnym swiecie potrzebuje więcej informacji


    EN: But is it from the province? whether in the ordinary world it needs more information

  11. (English) make a scenario of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    (Polski) Zrób scenariusz Rzeczypospolitej Obojga narodów

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