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  1. New scenario tip: if Rome was a Phoenician colony ?
  2. you will add more scenarios about the 1000 B.C
  3. i'm talking about the type of government dictatorship and if you would add and events to rome to be able to create a type of dictatorship link:https://gameplay.tips/guides/5679-imperator-rome.html#:~:text=Becoming Dictator,ruler with over 80 popularity.
  4. you’re going to add a dictator type o system of the imperator rome
  5. I thought about the scenario when I saw a video from the monsieur z channel
  6. New Tips for formable civilizations: Greek empire, Rome-Carthage, Macedonian Carthaginian empire and new Roman empire. Alternative scenario tip: if Rome never became an empire
  7. Alternative scenario tips: If Alexander never took power in Macedonia, If Carthage was founded by the Greeks, If Rome never existed, If the Persians had never fallen and If the Greeks had conquered the Gauls, Italians and Iberians
  8. You will add scenarios with events for Rome and Carthage
  9. Tips: Empire of Britain, Visigoths, Huns, Empire of barbarians , mongol empire , chineses empire , Holy Roman empire and empire of greece
  10. you will create more formidable civilizations for the barbarian peoples
  11. you will add scenarios about the fall of rome
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