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  1. Aslında androide çevirmek için biraz yardıma ihtiyacımız var, ulaşırsanız sevinirim. DC/ Baran A.#8157
  2. There will be events only in the "events of 1936-1939" scenario. the scenario is still under construction. We plan to share that scenario later.
  3. Merhaba dostum, mod normalde bugΓΌn Γ§Δ±kacaktΔ± fakat birkaΓ§ aksaklΔ±k yaşadΔ±k.SenaryolarΔ±n% 90 Δ± bitti, yarΔ±n bΓΌyΓΌk ameliyattan Γ§Δ±kacakπŸ™‚ Takipte kal.
  4. Benimde bΓΆyle gΓΌzel yoruma ihtiyacΔ±m var xd
  5. Greetings, At War! This is a World War 2 mode. There are 12 scenarios in our mod. Let's take a look at our mod: * HOI2 HOI3 HOI4 songs * There are 12 in total and they are as follows: - 1936 - 1939 events -1936 -1937 -1938 -1939 -1940 -1941 -1942 -1943 -1944 -1945 - Axis Win (Alternative) * HOI4 leader photos * A new user interface * Icons suitable for WW2 * Some HOI4 sound effects * A new background * Changes in the names of some buildings (farm, workshop). Example: Workshop β†’ Military Factory (Warning! Required only in English and Turkish!) * New ideologies * HOI4 waving flag effect A few more new features that can be added in the future ... β˜… Mod almost completed πŸ™‚ β˜… Images will be shared! * Baran A. * Ege Ceylan IMAGES: images.rar MOD LINK PC: https://www.dosya.tc/server30/f2sajg/At_War.rar.html. RENEWED! Android: Very soon... NOTE: - Scenario 1440 could not be removed from the game due to errors it generated. Please skip the scenario!
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