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  1. 18 hours ago, Kittenhux said:

    Meanwhile they did not do that, you can do it for yourself.

    If you have downloaded an originally unedited version of AoC2, there should be a "Bundle_tr" file which goes for Turkish localisation.

    1. Go to game/languages
    2. Open the "Age_of_Civilisation" file with Notepad++
    3. Add the following string: tr;tur; at the end
    4. Enjoy

    You can also customize the localisation for yourself. For this, open Bundle_tr file in game/languages directiory and the same file in game/language/civilizations directory/ At the first file, I think you should add new ideology names firstly, at the second file... I think, there should be a lot of work to translate the civilizations names. Scroll vigilant.

    Thanks, do you know how to change font type?

  2. Hey man, will you add more language support on Addon+ 2.0? I installed the v1.4 but it only has English and Russian languages and I want to play with Turkish language. Is there a way to play with Turkish language this mod? I know Addon features will not be(Such as Addon+ scenario names.) Turkish but most of AoC2 texts will be Turkish again.

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