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  1. ENGLISH: Turkish Translation for AoC2 is weird and sometimes poor. For example democratic Prussia is still Kingdom of Prussia in Turkish AoC2 or Sardinia is always Kingdom of Sardinia even if it is communist and I want to change that. I started working on a translation overhaul. I will extend the ideologic names and remake the current names TÜRKÇE: AoC2de Türkçe çeviri bazen garip ve yetersiz. Mesela Prusya oynuyorsun ve Demokrasisin ama adın hala Prusya Krallığı ya da Sardinya Komunist olsa bile hala Sardinya Krallığı ve ben bu durumu düzeltmek istiyorum. Genel bir yenileme üzeri
  2. Do you have discord?

    1. Aleksey_Horizon
    2. Pashacik


      mine is Pasha#7133 add me we have similar goals

  3. I am working on crusade scenarios in AoC2. My goal is the expand vanilla content no mods or etc. Any updates will be posted here. I started with 3rd Crusade
  4. kokakolabrooooo thx for the help it worked
  5. I am using Map Editor 2.0. And making a central europe map but when i press enter to save province file comes but i cant see my province in map editor. Can someone help me
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