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  1. English Keyboard English Leader Name And English Proviences Names Pls (Android)
  2. does anyone know what really happened to addon mode @ ivr17
  3. okay, I am looking forward to the next update and it did not work for me 😄
  4. same but not only heydrich heydrich and goering And when I choose speer and bormann, the civil war ends before it starts and the lebensraum cannot be installed
  5. First of all, I apologize for using Turkish because I couldn't explain my problem in Turkish from translation. Sorunum şu ben iç savaş tarafı seçiyorum mesela göring onda iç savaş başlamıyor yada heyderich'i seçiyorum ondada iç savaş başarısız eventi geliyor svaş başlamadan speer veya bormann'ı seçincede iç savaş başlamadan berlinde dahil alıyorsun ve hiç bir şekilde lebensraum kuramıyorsun
  6. open a discord server please B4 Translate English Sorry
  7. I would appreciate it if you fix the slow lap transitions in the mode
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