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    VeNoMftMe reacted to FdotM in Android version broken. Any further updates? Where's the communication?   
    I love this game and I'm very happy to support it, especially as it was made by 1 person. 
    However the Android version is broken. It does not let me go past over 3000+ turns and it stops saving. Looking on the Internet and speaking with friends who've bought the game they all have the same issue. 
    In additon, you can form pre-made alliances before a new game but cannot use any of the other functions. 
    After spending days playing this is really disheartening. I've tried all that was suggested and nothing works. 
    What is frustrating is that there's no communication about where these bugs will be addressed. I actually spent money on this game and at the very least I expect some sort of communication regarding these things. 
    All in all, fantastic game but so far it's impossible to actually play this game past a certain stage. 
    This is constructive criticism. 
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