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  1. Do ultimatums also bring war exhaustion? Oh and,I forgot to edit it,but I got help and figured it out,but thank you regardless.
  2. And if it says it`s an installation and not an update,but it tricks you and replaces RI with Conqueror`s,you can always install RI again if you have the a p k in your downloads. However,just to be sure,I suggest you ask Gheovgos himself.
  3. Well, apparently Conqueror's II will be an independent app,but RI itself isn't independent. So I don't know. If you are scared of losing RI, I suggest you download Conqueror's and install it. When it's time to install,it will say "Do you want to install this app". If that pops up, there's likely no risk. If it says "Do you want to update your current app" you will probably lose RI.
  4. My stability was at 99%,and the lowest percentage was 92%,and I had around 70 or more happiness.
  5. Commieslav

    Stop rebels

    Do you know if there`s a way to do this for Android,or a mod like this for android?
  6. Hi folks! I`ve recently had an experience in which a rebellion came after a rebellion. As soon as I`d stop one,another would start. Unfortunately I can`t access the game files,since I`m on Android (I looked at my files,downloads,APKs,Google Drive (since this is happening in a mod) and nothing). Does anyone know any ways to stop rebels on Android? Like a game setting or something in the editor (although I already looked there)? Or a mod,but for android.
  7. As someone who`s a junkie for formables,over 300 is insane. I`ll have quite a time forming them all :D
  8. One small mistake: the tip of the UAE`s borders (northeast) should belong to Oman (unless it`s like that in the original HoI4 map,then I`s ok).
  9. Commieslav

    Roma Invicta

    Yep, it is vanilla. I tried restarting it now and it loaded 😄
  10. Commieslav

    Roma Invicta

    Heya,I encountered an issue. While loading,it either comes to 49% and stops,or crashes while loading (minimum scale of map/provinces thingy). It happened only when I updated to 2.1,never before. Do you maybe have an advice?
  11. I have an idea for a French system (but made with older states that were on today`s France territory,since today France would lose land to form these) Any French state in the middle ages ---> Kingdom of France ---> Kingdom of France(Bourbon restoration) ---> First French Empire (it`s up to you about the colonies) ---> Second French Empire or France (2020) ---> Francia
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