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  1. As of right now there is a formable for the Salish tribes,but that is a good idea which I'll relay to the team.
  2. I got news folks. Varguista will be especially happy. New formables have been confirmed! We just have to come to an agreement on which formables will we implement.
  3. He played AoC2 one time. 1440 as Bavaria.
  4. I like how much effort you put into it. One of the best flags around here.
  5. Hello. We haven't discussed new formables yet but I will make sure to notify the team of it. About the events,we might make some events,but we don't plan on making a long chain of events (like a grand campaign) due to the game's numerous bugs which will ruin it.
  6. Hahaha, it's just that I'm showing support to this mod. It seems a bit different in a sense that it relies on pure imagination.
  7. Heya. Well, initially,we didn't plan on adding them (since that would require finding pictures for all the beys of Ottoman sanjaks,which I don't think will be easy for the Balkans). But, i will mention it to the rest of the team!
  8. As someone that couldn't find a poll option on my own thread,sadly i can't help with that 😕 1. Yes,but shorter. (Since some people definitely find them interesting,but they are exhausting,so-)
  9. I sure do love alt history mixed with salty nationalism
  10. Well,not really. The are that's being worked on are flags for different civilizations,and,well, different civilizations. However,there is a possibility we will represent conflicts (not just major wars,but also migration and such) via events in the 1830 start date. The only different scenarios we have in mind as of now are alt-history ones. I will check with the team if they agree on having more scenarios with different start dates.
  11. Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (present day Republic of Chechenia borders) Ultranationalist islamism Standard Chechen flag but with the coat of arms in the middle
  12. Hello! Very good actually! The flags of some German Principalities have been fixed and given new ideology flags, central america is being worked on in terms of flags and general research. We also have some interesting scenario ideas (work in progress) 😉
  13. That is actually a good idea. Even if it doesn't work,at least we'll know the scales aren't the issue. We can look further as to might be one then.
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