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  1. He seems to do these sorts of replies on every mod I follow. So idk if he has something against me or what lmao
  2. Oh. Well I've no idea then : p Also:*happy ex-yu noises*
  3. It's way better than the original!! I can't wait for this to be released, I'll try my best to play this although I'm on Android. And it doesn't matter if the update isn't big,as long as it's there, it's good. If this becomes a full on mod, that'll be epic. Cheers!
  4. A lot of people interested in this mod,or replying to it, seem to forget that it's based on HoI4.
  5. Are you sure those were Thai borders in WW2? I'm doing a WW1 scenario,and in every source I found,it said Thailand had those borders before,but they fell under the influence of French Indochina before WW1 happened.
  6. I appreciate your reply, saved me an hour of searching lol
  7. poggers Also,sorry about the flags mate. I can try something, do you know what`s the ratio of the flag window in AoH2?
  8. Could you tell me one (or more) state/s that's/are able to form the HRE or Hyperborea thru events? I played Komi up to 1980 and I got no events.
  9. No one knows when. The development is slow, because the dev is taking his time with research to make the mod as accurate as possible. I'd predict it to come in 2021 tho, either mid-2021 or late 2021.
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