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  1. Also,there are several border issues. I started restoring the British Empire and I wanted to have historically accurate borders,but from some reason the Jamaican province is part of Haiti,Trinidad and Tobago province is Venezuela and stuff like that.
  2. One more civ you could add is the Spanish Empire (Bourbon). It exists in the base game,but the base game is Habsburg Spain,and you could add the Bourbon one,which was way bigger than the Habsburg.
  3. If you wanna get to the files in the phone you can download MT Manager (I used it to put rebellions to 0 ;-;). But hey,do what you want, people will play regardless. ^^
  4. Here's a suggestion for Android. If you decide to make it, don't make it as an addition to the original (when you have to replace the files),try making it as an independent app. Keep up the good work tho ^^
  5. I guess you could try asking around.idk the aoc2 program well.
  6. Here's a tip for Android. Don't make it like an addition to the origin (which is when you have to put the files inside original AoC2). Make it an independent app. Or at least try.
  7. TNO? Holy shit imagine if the events in AoC2 were actually good.
  8. See,p o g is used to show excitement for something. And this mod is definitely p o g .
  9. Hi ^^ here's a somewhat neutral idea for the mod "issue". Maybe,when both of you finish the mod,you could fullfil one of the mods with some things from the other,to improve it a bit. The mod that gets improved could then be the one to stay,with it's creator crediting the other (e.g. if kokakola gets to keep the mod,some features from Simon's mod would get implemented in it,and Simon would be credited for them). Or you can keep both,but one for Android and other for PC. Ofc, it's entirely up to you two.
  10. You download MT Manager, extract the a p k ,and idk the rest.
  11. Hi ^^ Is the mod going to be on mobile devices too?
  12. No problem mate :D, I always answer questions regarding downloads and releases (if I know something about them that is). I hope your studies go well,and I have hope for this mod (it looks really good as of right now). And when it comes to editing provinces and the map (I assume you mean making new ones,if not,oh well),I suggest you ask modders that do provinces (Gheovgos,TRModding,or the maker of Stolen Iron).
  13. Right so,the only issues I had with the mod were: a) the background: it's really bright and it pokes my eyes, it'd be nice if there was an option for a less brighter and less pastel-like one,or just an option for the original background b) the font: the font is in some cases (such as long names of countries) hard to understand c) the UI: the only bad thing about the UI is that the options for moving your soldiers and such are too big and get in the way of the part that shows the formable civ (the one on the left) d) the formables: these current new formables are very basic,and most of them besides the Ottoman system and the British Empire can be seen in other mods. It would be amazing if you added the systems the community has proposed for this mod (Japanese,French, Brandenburgian,and there can be many more added for e.g. Spain,Portugal,Russia,Poland, Lithuania,Egypt,countries that used to be Spanish colonies in South America, primarily Argentina and Peru, and India). I won't comment on the music since I play without it,and I won't comment on the borders either since I haven't looked at them in detail,but people don't seem to like them. The mod has great potential and I hope it gets some fixes and more content in the future.
  14. It isn't out yet. In three days it should release.
  15. And if it says it`s an installation and not an update,but it tricks you and replaces RI with Conqueror`s,you can always install RI again if you have the a p k in your downloads. However,just to be sure,I suggest you ask Gheovgos himself.
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