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  1. And here's the new forum page that is active and currently used, to separate the actual mod (new forum page) from a more scenario-like one (the one you referd to)
  2. I am sorry for the late response, I haven't been on the forums for a while. Yes, the mod will be available for PC, we just need to test if it works.
  3. Nope. We're releasing new content and work that's getting implemented into the game on our Discord server, but we just want to add a lot before releasing a new version.
  4. Oh. Well,yeah. There's a Beta version released,but the mod is still being worked on (new civs, ideologies,flags,provinces etc.).
  5. Compression is your friend.
  6. Hello people! I was wondering if anyone knows how to prevent the AI from instantly forming a nation if they have all the territory required (i.e. Ethiopia becomes Abyssinia)? Is it a code thing or?
  7. Hm. Interesting.
  8. Considering it's still using Addon,only Russian and English. However, we're switching to vanilla,so it's gonna be standard languages.
  9. Important news everyone! We have officially made a mod thread! This one will still stay active,and I'll guide newcomers to the mod thread,but if you have any specific questions regarding the mod, please refer to the correct thread. If you have questions about this scenario (aka the main one), I'll answer them with the help of Chmnd (I'll consult with him on Discord).
  10. Well, the poll is closed, it's officially been a week. The results are as follows: 3:1 for historical civs on the strawpoll,and 1:1 on the forums. In case Spartanus and Varguista didn't vote on the polls,the result is 4:2 for historical civs. So,the focus will be on historical civs (of course,there will be fictional ones as well,but in a small number).
  11. Well,since fascism and it's branches involve nationalism,look for symbols of that country. They can be both historical or present. Look for their historical flags (example: German neo-nazis use the Imperial Reichsflagge),and coat of arms. Flags of fascist political parties, especially if they ruled/rule the country,are welcome.
  12. Well, it's 50-50 as of now. Considering there are way more people following, I'll let a few more days pass (until it's been a week).
  13. You know,you could try doing something other than slapping a swastika on the flag and calling it "Nazi *insert nation*" even the flag of the Reich wasn't just a previous German flag with a swastika.
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