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  1. As of right now,Chmnd is working on new provinces for western Australia and doing research about central-American peoples and nations! Soon we plan on opening up a thread for the mod (not just the scenario) and publicizing the Discord server after we polish up some things and prepare it for more members ^^
  2. It looks good for a first map! I hope it gains traction on the forums.
  3. You could just give them 40 technology using commands,the civ will automatically switch to monarchy and you can declare/send an ultimatum.
  4. If it's a tribe you have to border them.
  5. There was also a cocaine seller. I guess the Colombians decided to join.
  6. But Turkic people aren't the same as Mongols. That's highly evident in language and tradition differences. Even religion.
  7. Maybe you could try putting the world map for Android. If it doesn't work,just switch it with Europe one.
  8. There will be events,but historical and alternate history (things might get crazy if we manage to put in certain ideologies).
  9. Dude,it doesn't work. Aryan,AoHer,Italia,Dev the Dragon,Simon,Chmnd and I have tried signing it,but it isn't possible, because there are too many provinces. No matter what you do, it won't work.
  10. @AoHer777 signing is the only thing we had the problem with. The app downloads,and installs,but it gets stuck at 49% or 99% (Aryan's version). Sometimes it won't let you sign because the file is too big (16k provinces).
  11. You won't achieve anything by being annoying.
  12. Sadly it is the provinces.
  13. Aww don't kill it! At least some people get to enjoy it, that's better than nothing.
  14. Yes,we will be adding provinces! As of right now, Australian provinces are being reworked to fit the borders of local tribes which existed in that time.
  15. That would require changing the game code. And the game isn't open-source so no one can access the game code unless Lukasz gives it to them.
  16. Could you tell me the border and flag inaccuracies (besides NZ and AU)? Commieslav #3098
  17. We do plan on having events, mostly for alt-history purposes,but also for the historical scenario. How much? As of right now,not that much,but we're working on new ideas and plans!
  18. That's weird. It hasn't crashed for me besides the typical 45% glitch. Could it be the civ? Have you tried any other civs?
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