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  1. залезь в файл "Governments.json" и посмотри теги коммунизма и капитализма, возможно, они совпадают если это так, то нужно будет повозиться с флагами да, неактуально, ну и что?
  2. any stupid or genius thing was opened/maded by someone loooong before you, so he can't make something really new, that no one have maded before him
  3. i have good english with google translator. is that ok?)) ok, ok, this is a joke, yes, it isn't funny, and what? haha i DM you, and i can say, that it's funny, write: "write to direct", but close it, lol
  4. конечно, может я тупой, но что бы я ни делал - оно не запускается, хех
  5. 2 года прошло. ну салам, хули
  6. hello, Łukasz, umm, can you add thing, when you playing for more than 6 hours, the text "you have been playing for a very long time. remember the people who care about you." will be displayed, thanks

    1. DespotMilan


      are u karen or what? xD

  7. dude, if you haven't deleted the files yet, I could try to finish this mod only if you don't mind edited: i could, but not promising
  8. А ты у разработчиков "Addon+" разрешение получил на идеологии? Если да, то где док-ва?
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