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  1. The development of this mod is amazing, I've never thought that the mods would go that far. But there is still one thing bugging me, it's the way that the AI assimilates, it only assimilates for 30 turns and that's it. It feels very unrealistic to me, imagine a country just assimilating to 40%-60%. It just doesn't feel right to me, how can I change that myself if I can?
  2. I actually opened the wrong file and it got mixed up with the vannila version
  3. Why is assimilation back to 50 instead of 100? That just makes it worse and It's a pain in the ass when your invading very big countries. Please but it to 100 moves.
  4. Holy damn! I have never seen a moder making a focus tree in age of civilizations! That is so sick! Will every country have a uniqe focus tree or just the majors?
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