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  1. Hello,recently some friends and myself find this photo of a mod we haven't seen,we find it in a facebook group but we couldn't find the name and we ask the guy who post the photo and he only said that the name is "kingcraft" but i have done research and find nothing,then he said that "kingcraft" is a translation from another lenguage probably chinese because the guy is from china,we keep asking but he said that he needs permission from the creator,the weird is that there is no info about this "mod",idk if this is false or not if u guys have any info in this please let me know
  2. Shellinglobe

    Game crashes

    Hello,i meet a guy in a FB group about age of civilizations 2,he says that everytime he loads a savegame the game crashes but he can still create new games he has the gane on pc and its the official steam version,if everyone knows the solution please answer me thx.
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