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  1. Just after I uploaded, I realized the Brazil events are messed up. Working on solving them, will probably update tomorrow.
  2. This is my first scenario ever, so I hope everyone enjoys it! Any tips or problems with the scenario, please report here. Currently, the scenario counts with: 1. Events for the Vietnam War 2. 1 event for the USA (change the fate of the entire world) 3. Event tree for Brazil in case USA chooses the war path *NOTES: the Vietnam War is kinda hard according to my test games, so beware. Brazil has an easy, a moderate and a hard path (which takes you through a difficult civil war) START DATE: Oct. 10th 1962 (6 days prior to the missile crisis)
  3. You should make the colonies as vassals to improve balance. It's really annoying to wage war against the UK and having to go all the way to India to capitulate them.
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