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  1. no, no it still doesn't work for me, I already did everything as it is in the tutorial and it still happens the same :(
  2. Hey Gylala, I have a question, is it normal that I went through this only with the Pangea map and not with the others? I wanted to let you know why at no time does he let me play the map :( here I leave you a screenshot of what happens, I hope you can help me ^^ "
  3. Haha what I was looking for, thanks for doing it, I needed one for the president of my Guatemala
  4. oh wow I like the way it looks! I looked forward to it bro! :D
  5. I like the mod, more than it brings new icons for the creation of a flag, its UI and a new night map with its lights and everything, I hoped that you continue with your mod, I liked it a lot and you have my support ;)
  6. Tal vez no te pueda ayudar, nunca he hecho un mod de aoc 2, pero tienes todo mí apoyó, aquí lo estaré esperando pacientemente ;)
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