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  1. Do you have discord?

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      mine is Pasha#7133 add me we have similar goals

  2. I didn't expect to see you here. I would like to say that Lukash is probably no longer Reboot Age Of Civilizations
  3. So, hello This page is for new modification for Age of Civilizations 2 - Reboot! The modification should complement and improve Age Of Civilizations 2! +New scenarios! +New formable civilizations +New music and Form of goverment; +New interface; +New flags for civilization! +Fixes in Russian and English localization. And more new things! How to contact us: Vk Group: https://vk.com/rebootmod Gmail:mixago333gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedStudioAOC2 Wait for news about the development of the modification. (30.08.2020)News of development, what was added now in AoC 2: +New Scenarios ( WWI, 2020) +New forms of goverment List: Democracy Monarchy Limited Monarcy Social Republic Autocracy Presidental Republic Parliamentary Republic Fascism Sity State Horde Theocracy Anarchists(How variant of Rebels) + New flags for Civilizations + New names for Civilizations + New 6 soundtracks + New formable civilizations (EU, Soviet Union(Not Soviet Russia)) + Some fixes in localizations This is all. (The developer is forced to freeze the development of the modification due to the fact that he is leaving for Boarding School, I promise that I will return as soon as possible and continue working on the mod.)
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