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  1. 4904 Provinces done 100% of mobile version connections done 100% of mobile version growth rates done
  2. uhh, my mod has 9000 more files than project alpha. 16841 x 3 is 9000 more than 13316 x 3
  3. uhh, because once it crashes it switches to scale x1, which it was generating. this could be solved by including only scale x1 in the ---, which only makes it unplayable
  4. uhh, can you please reduce provs in arctic ocean? like merge a group of islands into one province?
  5. dont repeat jacowski's mistake and instead reduce provs in sahara, tibet, siberia, northern territories, congo, borneo, australia, amazonas and kalahari
  6. You see, if I revert to that, and also maintain modern borders, then provinces of border would be size 3 x 4 px or so, which are too small for a mostly-desert area like jordan, and would likely make jordan overpowered. As a result, I will use Jordan's modern borders for transjordan's borders.
  7. except for british isles i think.
  8. 4234 Provinces done 1479 Civilizations done 78% of Mobile version connections done Next update I will show the remastered version of Italy and Caucasia.
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