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  1. Yeah, it will contain the soundtracks on a separate .zip because audio files are usually chunky on hard disk space
  2. UPDATE: Coasts of all Latin American countries (Including the entire country of Belize) are done! 10837 provinces done in total! I can't understand what 'thinned' means, and I have changed some islands of the hoi4 map to make them accurate (Venice and Ryukyu Islands, for example are oversized in the hoi4 map)
  3. UPDATE: All Pacific Islands are done! 10514 provinces done in total! I will update next tomorrow.
  4. the game functions like puppeting after wars is hardcoded in the aoc2 jar file which I cant manage to edit out because I'm not a java programmer
  5. UPDATE: Australia, Micronesia and Guam are done! 10483 provinces done in total!
  6. UPDATE: Papua New Guinea, Solomon, Norfolk, Vanuatu, Pitcairn and New Zealand are done! 10207 provinces done in total!
  7. UPDATE: Indonesia is done! 10034 provinces done in total!
  8. UPDATE: Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Kalimantan and Sulawesi are done! 9840 provinces done in total!
  9. UPDATE: Russia is done! 9576 provinces done in total! I am not sure when I will update next.
  10. UPDATE: Parts of West Siberia are done! 9422 provinces done in total! I will update next tomorrow.
  11. UPDATE: East Siberia is done! 9363 provinces done in total! I will update next tonight.
  12. Tbh I made it as a substitute for Project Alpha for personal use but damn I thought i'd show it on the forum And it doesn't have unnecessary provinces in deserts and tundra and there are rarely any one island provinces to make your world conquest slower
  13. UPDATE: Tannu Tuva and Russian Far East are done! 9129 provinces done in total! I will update next tomorrow.
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