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  1. Please unpin my hearts of aoh2 mod and pin the remastered edition mod


  2. the dude was online 4 mins ago i swear i saw it

  3. hi, can you tell how to adjust things in pc version jar file

    1. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      you can do it by any java compliler

      and you can decompile the class file

    2. Magolor


      Have you succeeded?

  4. give permanent discord link

  5. I am abandoning the game til about mid February for exams. While I'm absent, @Kerems2434, go for the ck3 mod please. Conq2 is great but pls stop sticking to one mod.

    • (revive these mods)Great India mod
    • World Conqueror 4 map mod
    • CK3 map mod
    • World+
    • and lastly, Project Alpha.
    1. Simon Wilford

      Simon Wilford

      Update: im off til 25th feb

      I just confirmed

  6. it would be great if you ( @Kerems2434 ) did a series on the victorian era mod

  7. check my cover photo for new background of hearts of aoh2 🙂

  8. Simon Wilford be like-
    Hearts of Iron IV AoH2

    Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron AoH2 game

    Next he be like-
    Victorian Era II

  9. will world+ or ck3 map come first?

  10. Wasted 40 minutes of my life trying to make Windows 10 look like Windows XP only to have to reverse the changes once again

  11. hey kerems please continue with world+ after the conqueror's ii bug update


    1. Kerems2434


      We'll make 5 updates to the Conqueror's II. After it, we will focus to the World+

  12. Hey when u gonna release moreprov map?

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