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  1. You are good at Android Studio, if you don't ask on the forum who knows that Android Studio is a good way, change a few things in a.p.k to make it easier for Android.  Search the net for the multidex version or make a permission to the storage space, type GTA San Andreas on android / data.

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    2. Synyos2032


      Not. We were just asking him if he could help something or someone do this related to Android Studio which is an essential thing to put modes with big maps on Android without the limit of 65000 files.

    3. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      You can't

      general android only read 65536 files
      instead, you can use eternal game file and realize to put extra files

    4. Synyos2032


      This is the problem because there is no option at all related to the permission of the external storage and neither the multidex one to increase the file number from 65,000 to double.

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