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  1. Hello. Can you please dm me the blank Darkest hour e3 map????? Please!

  2. mf's trying to get clout with stupid controversy... one who believes this "genocide" is real, will still believe its real. one who believes this "genocide" is fake, will still believe its fake. this topic fits better in twitter.
  3. I think the font has some problem with turkish i
  4. he is using java and mt manager. mt manager can not be used to code a game, search how to code a game on google instead of asking here, most people are illiterate about coding here
  5. the number that you said the economy jumps to, could say something. 2^32, which is 4294967296, is very specific, kind of. it would mean someone overran the integer beyond it's limits and it caused undefined behavior.
  6. because release date keeps getting pushed back (like hoaoh2 re update)
  7. bro you are literally the person we needed
  8. no joke i stopped being maintainer for the mod and gave away files to urdekreiz, i would like screenshot of progress
  9. oh ok i have a very similar background like this
  10. wait why are you using my mod's background
  11. thats the exact i said somehusky was doing.... instead of changing code
  12. Listen up, i know your secret, boy. I saw the images. You created a bulgarian nation called UL1 and a nation called UL3 (the tag is showing beside its name in the diplokacy tab) and merely added different leaders to the 2 nations and by using event you formed the 2nd nation which had different leader thus tricking us into believing that you 'coded' something. You coded nothing.
  13. can you tell which class file from be2.jar do i have to put into aoh2.jar to give it capitulation mechanics @Trans-Amur
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