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  1. hiii, are you sure uk is in proper place? hoi4 and eu4 uk are bit differently placed coz paradox wanted to fit in more provs in english channel in hoi4
  2. 8019 Provinces done Danube, Dniester, Dnieper, Rhine, Don river borders fixed
  3. dude are you writing sentences in different messages to get this to hot, spamming isnt allowed
  4. you are using wrong dude i gave you the e3 mod map i dont wanna restart with you on this mod for the 4th time bruh
  5. anyway i forgot to replace loading screen texts from project alpha loading texts so it says project alpha by aoc2moddingtr in the loading screen 🤣
  6. me and hacktor are making some decision on whether it will be hoi4 or e3 map
  7. hi, can you tell how to adjust things in pc version jar file

    1. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      you can do it by any java compliler

      and you can decompile the class file

  8. Simon Wilford


    project alpha and hearts of aoh2, both are crappy map in my opinion
  9. Man... @Hacktor check the DM's. You made the same mistakes I made. I messed up kosovo, so did you, I messed up poland, so did you, and same will happen if you continue this in case of ukraine, lithuania, belarus, georgia, armenia, azerbaijan (if you follow the background you are currently using) Please fix kosovo and poland borders and then continue
  10. give permanent discord link

  11. what the fuck? i just included a zip who is this guy
  12. ok but can you release a demo version when madagascar is done?
  13. and think how would we even invade russia or canada. seriously laflinchy you should cut down on the provinces
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