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  1. Pls give Tibet that province there I think you made a mistake, and the background is great
  2. please can you just release the full map, then make the formable civs huh?
  3. Probably lukasz stopped earning a lot, but still since put these ads here he should make an update +1
  4. Are you going to trace those literal 1 pixel provinces in Serbia, Nigeria, Slovenia, Nepal, etc.. Also, are Romania, Namibia, Greenland, Angola, Bulgaria.. etc.. going to have a lot less provinces ?
  5. Hey is this map based on the map editor background like in project alpha?
  6. So umm I hope that all these great provinces are in one map only, right? I mean that this huge map will come as one map only, isnt it?
  7. Hey germoney the attacker can you give the link for world editor 2
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